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SQL - Structured Query Langvuage
SQL (pronounced “sequel”) is my favorite toy this year. Have been querying our old ERP to extract data for transform to go to SAP.

Learning lots of cool instructions I will be adding soon.

Power BI and other Power Apps
The people that hired me; planned for me to do only Power BI until circumstances got in the way.

DAX and M are 2 of my latest favorites.

Excel Visual Basic for Applications
I have been using Excel through all versions since 2.0. (There was no version 1! I started with the one that came with a runtime version of Windows 2.0) I like VBA. Hope some of these code examples help you out.

Most of my work is in VBA or SQL right now so some of the examples may be a little old. Recent projects have involved writing a query in Teradata and pulling 95K rows into Excel VBA.

As I was posting the latest code example, I realized that I have been working on building this site for 29+ years. VBA is still relavant!

Access VBA
About 90% of all my work is in Access or SQL now. Doing lots of applications where reports are created in Access then exported to Excel and remotely formatted. Most of the Custom Functions I am building in one application will work in the other; simply change Recordsets to Cells.
Word VBA
It had been years since I had need to do anything with Word VBA. I did a project in spring of 2020 -- just as coronavirus was beginning. Everything was SQL or Excel. Took the Word templates that the client created and turn into bookmarks. See Fill Word Template

Most of my Word stuff is templates and mail-merge.

Formulas and Functions
Ever need that really strange formula but have no idea how to write it? Check these out. I will try to help if you , but remember I still have a full-time job and will not get to all questions. NEVER, EVER send attachments. I delete them immediately!
Excel FAQ
Here are my most frequently asked questions.

I had a catastrophic disk and CPU failure in December 2018 that also took out a chunk of my backup. The database that re-generates this website went bye-bye. Fortunately I could recover webpages from hosting site. Working to restore what I can.


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