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Frequent Answered Questions

Is there a way to translate my Excel 4. macros to VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) language?
In the early days, this was the most asked question. I wanted this thing too because I was not ready to learn a new language. My friend Mira explained that I would never progress if I did not “bite the bullet” and learn the new procedures. Here is what I did. I took an application I had written in Excel 4.0 and the MACROFUN.HLP and went instruction by instruction changing to the new language. In ancient times, when software came boxed, Excel 3.0 had a thick book that explained each macro function. I found one in a garage sale.
I want to keep up with the checks I am writing.
Hey, folks! Now, really ... have you seen the price of Quicken and MS Money? Quicken links and downloads the value of my investments nightly. It takes care of the checks and deposits and even lets me print checks directly from the interface.
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