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Nested SubQuery

I knew I could do a subquery within a query. I got this wild bug to write a sub-subquery,

I was get lots of error messages until I wrote 2 simple subqueries, printed them out, and figured how to put them together.

SELECT dbo_IApps.*, dbo_IApps.[Application Name]
FROM dbo_IApps, dbo_Sconfigs, dbo_Ssoftware
WHERE (((dbo_IApps.[Application Name])="Master Data") 
AND ((dbo_IApps.SName) In (SELECT [Machine Name] FROM dbo_SConfigs  WHERE ((dbo_SConfigs.[Machine Name]) 
In (SELECT Server FROM dbo_Ssoftware)))));

In the end, I did something else because the “Sconfigs” table has 150K rows and it was taking way to long to run.

I wrote 3 nested RecordSets that write to one text file that is pulled into Excel (and prettied up) before my customer sees it.

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